Established with Proceeds from the Westview Development agreement and a settlement with Shapell Industries.

A total of $2,001,412 was deposited in this fund (400182) and was to be used for public improvements in Mira Mesa as identified by the community.

The interest earned was as of 6/30/16 was $530,593, bringing the total to $2,532,005.


December 2, 1997 the City Council established the Mira Mesa Teen Center Fund (400183) by transferring $500,000 from the Mira Community Fund.

The interest generated from this fund could be used, if necessary, to cover operational shortfalls for the San Diego Regional Teen Center in Mira Mesa.

On April 14th 2016, the City Council approved the closure of the Teen Center and transferred the remaining funds, $511, 187, back to the Mira Mesa Community Fund (400182)

Mira Mesa Community Fund 2023

Since 2016, our community was not advised about this fund and it went out of public site. We started asking questions about the fund as it has a history tied to the Epicentre and was intended in part to support Arts and Culture in Mira Mesa

On 8/24/2023, we found out that the Mira Mesa Community Fund had a balance of $1,014,108.30.

Out of that balance $1,000,000 was appropriated/earmarked to Project L160021 – Mira Mesa Pool & Skate Plaza Phase 2.

This left a balance of $14,108.30 in our fund for other projects.

Who – Active Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, chaired by our City Councilmember Kent Lee
What – A resolution authorizing the Chief Financial Officer to expend funds and payments for the construction project for Phase II of the Mira Mesa Community Park expansion (Project L160021). Please note they did not use the correct name, “Mira Mesa Community Capital Outlay”
Where – Where were the residents and community members from Mira Mesa that requested this expenditure? MMTC, MMRC, MMPG?
When – April 13th, 2023

Why – Councilmember Lee, “Because we can’t just have this money sitting around”. He said that they were instructed to spend community funds. How many other communities in San Diego have lost funds this way? Requests for expenditures of our funds are supposed to be voted on by the entire City Council in public view, not behind a committee meeting.
How – How did this happen? Most residents in Mira Mesa have no idea this fund exists and there is not a process in place to request for these funds to be used. They have been out of the public view since 2016. The City tried to subsidize one of their projects with this fund and the Mira Mesa Senior Center fund as well. If we had not found out about this, these funds would have been lost without the Mira Mesa Community’s knowledge.


  • How do we protect our Mira Mesa Community Fund?

    Request that Councilmember Lee provide a written statement that he is restoring the 1 million dollars to our fund. Let him know this is a priority for this community.
    Work with Councilmember Lee and the City to create a process for requesting these funds. Create a Community Plan where we, the residents, are empowered.
    Inquire if we can add money to the fund. Can businesses and people donate to it? Or can we transfer these funds to a community fund that is not contingent on the City Council?


Another topic for lunch is how do we advocate for Mira Mesa? We have 3 Community Groups.

  • Mira Mesa Town Council
  • Mira Mesa Planning Group
  • Mira Mesa Recreation Council

During lunch, please compile what you know about these groups.

  • What is each group’s function?
  • How is their board elected?
  • What is their connection to the city?
  • Are any or all of them advocacy groups?

*If you are a board member of any of these groups, please refrain from sharing so we can get the perception from the residents.

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