Mira Mesa Community Fund

Our current actions for the Mira Mesa Community Fund are:

  1. To make sure the City Council to removes the appropriation of $1 million dollars from the Mira Mesa Community Fund to fill the funding gap for the Phase 2 renovations of the Mira Mesa Community Park. This money is to be used for public improvements in Mira Mesa as identified by the community.


  2. Create a more transparent and inclusive system to manage the Mira Mesa Community Fund.  Every resident much have access to the history, balance, past transactions.  Every resident must have the opportunity and equitable access to review and vote on any and all future requests for disbursement.

  3. Protect the Mira Mesa Community fund and explore ways to grow the fund.



Established with Proceeds from the Westview Development agreement and a settlement with Shapell Industries.

A total of $2,001,412 was deposited in this fund (400182) and was to be used for public improvements in Mira Mesa as identified by the community.

The interest earned was as of 6/30/16 was $530,593, bringing the total to $2,532,005.


December 2, 1997 the City Council established the Mira Mesa Teen Center Fund (400183) by transferring $500,000 from the Mira Community Fund.

The interest generated from this fund could be used, if necessary, to cover operational shortfalls for the San Diego Regional Teen Center in Mira Mesa.

On April 14th 2016, the City Council approved the closure of the Teen Center and transferred the remaining funds, $511, 187, back to the Mira Mesa Community Fund (400182)

Mira Mesa Community Fund 2023

Since 2016, our community was not advised about this fund and it went out of public site. We started asking questions about the fund as it has a history tied to the Epicentre and was intended in part to support Arts and Culture in Mira Mesa

On 8/24/2023, we found out that the Mira Mesa Community Fund had a balance of $1,014,108.30.

Out of that balance $1,000,000 was appropriated/earmarked to Project L160021 – Mira Mesa Pool & Skate Plaza Phase 2.

This left a balance of $14,108.30 in our fund for other projects.


On December 20th, 2023, we found out from the Director of Parks and Rec, Andy Field, that he had appropriated the $1 million dollars to fill the funding gap for Phase II and that he would give the money back to the fund.

Unfortunately, since these funds were appropriated by a resolution at the Active Transportation & Infrastructure Committee meeting on April 13th, 2023, (chaired at the time by our City Councilmember Kent Lee), the City Council will need to vote to restore the funds.