April 17th, 2024 Community Discussion

Progress on Mira Mesa Community Advocacy

The Advocacy Leadership Team provided progress on Mira Mesa Community Advocacy:
1. Status of the Epicentre
2. Mira Mesa Community Fund
3. Mira Mesa Community Park Expansions & Renovations
4. Mira Mesa 4th of July Celebration

Over the past year, we’ve started on a journey of advocating for a better Mira Mesa. Please join our movement so collectively, we can better our community and bring positive changes. Mira Mesa matters!


• Welcome and Introduction – Mitz Lee
• Ground Rules – Karen
• County Epicentre Update – Alyssa, Brandon
• Friends of Mira Mesa Arts and Culture – Sandy
• Mira Mesa Concerned Citizens – Lainie
• Mira Mesa Community Champions – Jenne, Ritika, Isabel
• Community Events – Mitz
• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Breakout Session – Petition, Letters, 4th of July
• Rally the Vote in Mira Mesa – Mitz

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